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redvsblueicons's Journal

Red Vs. Blue Icons for LJ
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Mod: michygeary

¤ Welcome to redvsblueicons! ¤
Here you will find many Red vs Blue icons that you may use as your own.
The only major rule is that you credit the person who made the icon. You may say that you got it from redvsblueicons, but please also specify the user that made the icon.
You can post right away when you join.
Please tag your icon posts with "icon post" and your username. This will make it easy for other users to find your work.
If you want to advertise a community of yours, we won't stop you. We'll just ask that your community pertain to Red vs Blue or RoosterTeeth. However, any community (RvB/RT related or not) may affiliate with us. If you affiliate with us, we will make a post about your community anyway. :)

Feel free to promote us!

rvb_rating - Let others rate which Red vs Blue character you're most like.
rvbdailyquote - Daily quotes from Red vs. Blue.
panics_bravo - RoosterTeeth's other machinima series, P.A.N.I.C.S.
castle_fic - A fan-fic community for stories about Castle.
castle_vcontest - A video contest community for videos about Castle.

If you would like to affiliate with redvsblueicons or have any questions, you can comment HERE. Every few affiliates we pick up, we'll make a post in the community to promote them.